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Drop-Off & Pick-Up Procedures

Map of Centennial Elementary's arrival and dismissal procedures with arrows showing the flow of traffic. 

Pro Tips for the Car Line:

1. Car riders must come through the car line on the south side of the building. Due to safety concerns crossing traffic, we cannot walk students through the parking lot to the building.

2. If you are unloading in the outside lane, please hold students in the car until an adult lets them out.

3. Students seated on the passenger side of the vehicle help make loading/unloading safer and more accessible for everyone.

4. When it is time to pull up, please pull to the car before you, not leaving big gaps in the line.

5. Put away electronics, blankets, and breakfast before pulling up to the unloading zone in the morning.

6. In the morning, have students ready to get out with their shoes on, backpacks on, lunches, and water bottles in hand.

7. In the morning, give all hugs, kisses, and goodbyes on the way to the unloading zone.

8. In the afternoon, kids can load faster if their seat is empty and ready to sit in.

9. If your student needs help buckling, please pull into the parking lot after they load. You may park and buckle them in, allowing the car line to continue loading students.

10. Parents, please remain in your vehicle at all times. This is during both arrival and dismissal.

Thank you for assisting us in this endeavor to keep everyone safe and make dismissal and arrival much faster.